What he said:

Penn Jillette on Piers Morgan’s show (watch the first 10 minutes):

Wow, go Penn!

I love this example of atheist/Christian dialogue.  I thought Penn hit the perfect tone — approachable and friendly, yet still able to openly disagree with Morgan.  It’s funny to see how flustered and angry Morgan gets as he tries to bait Penn in the various traps believers like to lay out for nonbelievers (ie., the arrogance of atheists, the beginnings of the universe, death, etc).

I’m going to watch this clip again — and I’ll be buying Penn’s book, too.

YouTubey goodness

My poor neglected blog.  With the rise of other social media, it’s much easier for me to post things on FB or Twitter than on these pages.

But for those of you who don’t online-stalk my other online outlets, here are a few of the videos that have caught my attention lately (in no particular order):

John McCain remix “I don’t care what you say” re: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell —

Sesame Street’s parody of True Blood, True Mud:

Dan Savage’s new project: “It gets better” — targeting LGBT teens in high school who are bullied.

Richard Dawkins’s speech at the Protest the Pope rally in the UK:

and finally, a home video of Emma’s first ballet class (where she was a little more than reluctant to be there):