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BP Demotivator Posters

More posters here. via p.s. How about that Presidential address the other night?!  Did anyone else cringe at all the appeals to God at the end?  Here’s what it should have sounded like:


This looks like a good film to watch with whatever Elders come to my door, or whoever feels like having marriage equality is a BAD thing: Watch this clip, and then persuade me how you’re “saving” marriage.  Go ahead, I… Continue Reading →

Californy is the place you oughta be

This October, Jerry and I (along with several of our good friends) will be attending the “Setting the Agenda: Secular Humanism’s Next 30 Years” CFI conference in Los Angeles! I am just *beyond excited* about all the speakers I’ll get… Continue Reading →

What she said:

The ostensibly principled position these folks are taking is that they want smaller government.  They want government to do less.  And just because so many of them are retired Medicare and Social Security recipients who get to their protests in… Continue Reading →

Republicans talking sense

A clip that includes Republican politicos that doesn’t include any tea-bagging pandering?! Granted, I still don’t buy some of what they say, but it’s nice to see conversation without fear-mongering or deliberate misinformation. Let’s keep the talk on policy and… Continue Reading →

What a difference a page makes

The webpages of the GOP vs. Democratic party: Who’s up for a rhetorical analysis? Better yet, which “side” would you rather be associated with? For the larger picture version of the two pages, go here.

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