gone camping

I’m in the last few stages of planning for this year’s first-annual Freethinker Family Camp — and as usual, I’m finding that I’ve been a little too ambitious for my own good.  Thankfully, many people have stepped up to help and I’m receiving it from some unexpected sources!  (of course, I’m also not getting help from sources I expected, but c’est la vie)

Hopefully this weekend will go well.  Some of the activities we’ve got planned:

  • nature scavenger hunt
  • earth weaving craft
  • face painting
  • slough exploring
  • star gazing with telescopes & planispheres
  • meteor watching (this weekend is the tail end of the Perseids)
  • cooperative musical chairs
  • digging for fossils in potash
  • outside fun with horseshoes, boccie balls, aerobie, soccer, etc
  • listening to a talk from an etymologist
  • campfire time and s’mores (I bought a bag of GIANT marshmallows)
  • “ghost photography”

and of course, lots of general free time for the kids to hang out in the great prairie outdoors.  We’ve got a little more than 30 people signed up to come to camp, and it’s only our first year — pretty exciting!

Sometime before heading out to camp I’ve got to mark 16 speeches, and 2 other assignments — plus I’d like to get some sleep in there too.

Stay tuned for an update on how things went, sometime next week.