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What she said:

A charming elderly gentleman, whom my parents had long known, proceeded to the lectern to lead us in prayer. I wish I’d paid more attention, for I cannot now remember how he led up to the fateful words asking God to help us in the fight against “the rise of secularism and the aggressive atheists”. […]

Focus on your own family

I just finished watching the 2010 documentary 8: The Mormon Proposition (link is to the full movie online).  I’ve known about the film since it’s preview days, and I was happy to see that it’s now available to view online (though I don’t know how long that link will be active, so get to watching […]

Building up that wall (of separation)

More press for the Saskatoon Freethinkers, re: last weekend’s “Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.”

What separation?

Earlier today I issued a rallying cry to our Saskatoon Freethinkers group to make some noise about the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast taking place this weekend. Here’s what I wrote — join us in our effort to hold elected officials accountable to the actual people they represent (and not their version of an invisible friend). This […]

Misinformation in the name of the Lord

Last week the Obama administration welcomed the Secular Coalition for America to come to the White House to meet with officials in the administration. Keeping in mind that presidential administrations meet with special-interest groups and lobbyists all the time, you would think that this particular meeting wouldn’t have been as big of a deal — […]