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An anniversary, of sorts

A new term has begun, which means I’m busy introducing students to the ins and outs of rhetorical theory. Today’s topic: the modes of appeal. After introducing them to ethos, pathos, and logos, we spent some time talking about how these appeals appear in various examples of communication. In particular, I have an NRA advertisement […]

Oh be careful little fingers, what you type…

So this last week has been a brutal one for me — it wasn’t supposed to be. Jerry had the entire week off from work, and we had grand plans of filling our week with gardening, coffeeshop frequenting, obscure errand-running, etc.  And, some of that got accomplished (garden update: my tomatoes LIVE!). Alas, most of […]

What a difference a page makes

The webpages of the GOP vs. Democratic party: Who’s up for a rhetorical analysis? Better yet, which “side” would you rather be associated with? For the larger picture version of the two pages, go here.

(and I feel fine)

Back home, is it the end of the world as we know it? If you were to believe much of the uproar on conservative TV/radio/blogs these days, the US is now on the brink of an “apocalypse” because insurance companies will soon have to dedicate 80% of their customers’ funds to actual health care costs. […]

“Hell no you can’t” versus “Yes we can”

Which side are you on? I love Rachel so much, mainly because she often speaks directly to what I’m passionate about: social justice and reform. You know, the older I become, the less I’m able to understand (read: empathize) with people who hold opposite views than I. I can’t tell if this quality of mine […]

Putting my humanities degrees to good use

From an email forward from a work colleague: I suggest that graduate students hedge their bets with study of what may still be called the Real World. They should apply their formidible learning skills against the evil day that may cast them upon the waters of the economy, there to founder. Fortunately, especially for those […]

If God is for us, screw everyone else

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of a post on a popular Christian author’s blog, A Slave to Public Opinion. False Redemption and a Jury of your Peers. Here are a couple quotes from the post, to sum it up: The truth is, there is one judge, and God does not look […]