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Fight for the right to blaspheme

“These ideas offended, but they changed the world. Without the free exchange of ideas, progress is impossible.” CFI’s Campaign for Free Expression.

Why I like to argue

(and it’s not just because I’m disagreeable) I’m very vocal in my affection for Rachel Maddow.  I love how impassioned she’s been in covering the BP oil spill, I love how she’s social-justice minded, and I love how she doesn’t… Continue Reading →

What he said: on “emotional intelligence” and leadership

Tonight I listened to the latest Chariots of Iron podcast, and there was an interview with author Darrel Ray (author of The God Virus).   Dr. Ray has helped start many “Recovering Religionists” groups across North America, and I’ve been in… Continue Reading →

“I’m Comic Sans, and I’m the best thing to happen to typography since Johannes fucking Gutenberg.”

So funny.  Read the whole monologue here.

For anyone else who’s currently buried underneath a pile of student papers to mark…

via Maybe my affection for this cartoon is due to my current context of careless typos and jumps in student reasoning, but I found this cartoon HILARIOUS. (it could also be due to my cold-medicine induced haze)

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