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Fight for the right to blaspheme

“These ideas offended, but they changed the world. Without the free exchange of ideas, progress is impossible.” CFI’s Campaign for Free Expression.

Because nothing is sacred.

Happy first annual Everybody Draw Muhammad Day! We don’t need to be perfectly consistent philosophically or historically or theologically to assert what is special and unique not just about the United States, with its bizarre and wonderful articulation of the First Amendment, but the greater classical liberal project┬ácomprising not just the “West” (whatever that is) […]

Sweet zombie Jesus! *

(I’ve still got an hour and a half left to Easter, so…)

What he said, part 2:

re: Catholic child-abuse sex scandal — PZ Myers, on why we should (always!) “tell on the church”: So this is our sacrilege for the day: speak the truth, decry the crimes of those in authority, challenge the dogma that says we are sinful beings redeemed by the suffering of another. Sunday Sacrilege: The greatest blasphemy […]

Car bling

Car bling, originally uploaded by becky b.. mmmm, sacrilicious!