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A Bennetch family Krismas Eve story

1:00pm Emma gets the stomach flu, is promptly Gravol’d.

3:00pm Emma feels better enough to go visit kitties we are catsitting over the holidays.

5:00pm Emma is feeling sick again, back home we go.  Watches ‘A Very Monkey Christmas’, starring “George the monkey” (aka Curious George)

6:30pm Emma falls asleep on chair, is taken up to bed.  I forget to close kitchen door. (cue foreboding music)

7:00pm Emma’s mama and daddy start to put together her big Krismas gift: a dollhouse!  We started early because Jerry has to work a night shift tonight.

8:05pm A sleepy Emma walks downstairs and into the living room and dollhouse construction mess — hence ruining surprise

8:05 (and .15seconds) pm Mama whisks Emma away, only to have her ask when will her dollhouse be ready to play with?


Oh well, it’s probably better she gives her parents the props for the kick-ass gift, rather than Santa. Right?

(I’m sure I’ll find this story funnier next year)

2010′s feel-good holiday flick

An instructional video for ensuring a happy home during this zombie-infested holiday season:

funny ha-ha

because Libertarians have no sense of humor


Headline of the week:


“I’m Comic Sans, and I’m the best thing to happen to typography since Johannes fucking Gutenberg.”

So funny.  Read the whole monologue here.

The “he” is always lowercase.

“Atheists Don’t Have No Songs” by Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers