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My kind of church

I spent my Sunday morning, in my pajamas, watching this debate: (part 1 of 11) Is There Meaning in Evil and Suffering? Description: A panel discussion and debate on the meaning of evil and suffering from theists Dr. William Lane Craig and Ravi Zacharias, atheist Dr. Bernard Leikind (a plasma physicist and senior editor of […]

“in Christian love…”

In case you didn’t grow up in the church, that’s code for: I’m going to offend you, but I get a free pass to say whatever I want to with this disclaimer. Tonight Jerry turned on Larry King Live, and we watched an interview with Christian singer Jennifer Knapp, who this week officially “outed” herself […]

A certificate in religion’s BS

World’s best Facebook ad: …and I just love that Falwell’s “university” is behind the ad. FYI, Facebook: I may not be your target audience for this advertisement.

Oh be careful little minds, what you think (or say aloud)

An interesting controversy has been brewing over the evangelical interwebs, or so it would seem. A couple weeks ago, there was a video by the BioLogos Foundation that had an evangelical professor saying the following about the evangelical church’s refusal to accept the scientific theory of evolution: I think that if the data is overwhelmingly […]

More hating the “sinner”

Ever since I heard about Constance McMillen’s story a few months ago, I’ve been a little heartbroken for what she’s had to go through. In case you don’t recognize her name, she’s the 18 year-old in Mississippi whose school principal told her she couldn’t attend her senior prom with her girlfriend as a date. The […]

Hating the “sinner”

Have you heard about what happened to Constance? School officials in a rural Mississippi county told a lesbian student to get “guys” to take her and her girlfriend to a high school prom and warned the girls against slow dancing with each other because that could “push people’s buttons,” according to documents filed Tuesday in […]

What *I* said:

From a comment thread on another blog (of a Mennonite Brethren pastor) I’ve been reading: One last note about your above response to my comment. At one point you said: “The truth of the gospel has often been less accessible to the intelligentsia than to ordinary people open to God” — I’m a little disappointed […]