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grrrl meets UK Christian radio program programme

The interview is online now at the Unbelievable? website.  Here’s the program’s description: This week on Unbelievable : “Losing my religion – dialogue with an ex-Christian” Rebekah Bennetch lives in Saskatoon, Canada. She grew up in a Christian family. Her… Continue Reading →

What he said:

Penn Jillette on Piers Morgan’s show (watch the first 10 minutes): Wow, go Penn! I love this example of atheist/Christian dialogue.  I thought Penn hit the perfect tone — approachable and friendly, yet still able to openly disagree with Morgan. … Continue Reading →

good without god.

[more on my recent podcast interview] Part of our discussion on Wednesday touched upon morality.  At one point, I ended up talking about where I find a basis for morality, since I no longer believe in a divine moral lawgiver. … Continue Reading →

Christian academics’ thoughts on God

A follow-up to the earlier YouTube video of 50 academics’ thoughts on God: Watch the two videos back to back, and you’ll immediately see why I reject most theologians’ arguments.  As tempting as wishful thinking can be, I think I’ll… Continue Reading →

an Unbelievable? experience

Earlier this morning I taped an interview for the UK Christian radio show, Unbelievable?.  It was a cool experience, really. I’ve been a longtime fan of the show, and listen to its podcast nearly every week (I call it my… Continue Reading →

What he sang:

Christian Life Ben Folds Everyone sells stuff they don’t believe in Movie actors do it all the time Guys with cases full of useless health drinks In politics they quote statistics full of lies Bill can see he’s not the… Continue Reading →

What he said:

Daniel Dennett on the recent Pew study that showed atheists/agnostics scoring higher than most religious folks: So the Pew results are no doubt actually somewhat stronger than they first appear: The more you know about religions, the less likely you… Continue Reading →

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