Knowing when to shut up

Maybe that’s what I’m learning in this social media sabbatical I’m taking. (disclaimer: I peeked back on Twitter again today. But only for 15 minutes. And, I’m trying not to be so blah-blah-blahing on there) Stop what you’re doing and go listen to my friend Kari’s most recent episode of her podcast I Guess We’re Grownups […]

Another epic playlist

1000 songs! Put together by Caribou. I’m listening over my lunch break, and noticed he’s included “Willow’s Song” from the Wicker Man soundtrack – so this can only mean good things for the other 999 songs.


“You were my cup of tea. I drink coffee now.” (not sure who said it. But #truth.)

Twitterized thoughts

As part of this social-media-sabbatical experiment, I thought I’d keep a running track on my phone of all the tweets I would have sent.  So, starting around midnight until about 5pm, here’s what I’ve got: Did you try turning it off and on again? 786 steps = 1/3 of a mile. #NowPlaying Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury […]

Day one of Twitter withdrawal

And so far, very few shakes. Granted, it’s not a complete abandoning of social media for me. I still peeked my head in on the Twitterverse this afternoon around lunchtime — thankfully long enough to notice the new release of the Sleater-Kinney album on I’m just trying to find a bit more space in […]

of social media sabbaticals and getting grief right

Part of my new attempt to be alone is to take a little sabbatical from social media in my life. So, starting today, I’ve stepped away from Twitter and Facebook – at least for a while. For how long? I’m not sure. The biggest step for me was deleting the apps off my phone, so […]

to be heard

The other day someone posted on Facebook a link describing the INFP personality. Now while I know there’s many out there who dismiss Myers-Briggs and the introvert/extravert dichotomy, I still find myself reading about these personalities and can identify with some of their descriptions. Maybe it’s like a horoscope effect? Anyway. Part of the INFP description […]