like it never happened.


guilty pleasures

Here’s a list of my current guilty pleasures, in no particular order:

  • utensilsCutthroat Kitchen (cooking + sabotage? And Alton Brown? Perfection.)
  • The Walking Dead (book and TV series, two very different animals)
  • Dasani sparkling water, lime flavour (SO. good.)
  • my Fitbit (though, alas, I haven’t been getting in all my daily steps)
  • Sister Wives (yes, I still watch it. Yes, I’m still freaked out by how much Jerry looks like Kody.)
  • Outlander (trying to get into the book before I watch the show)
  • LOTS of movies
  • Masterchef Jr. (I love watching Emma get inspired by tiny cooks. And, there’s GR for mama)


Therapeutic writing

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 10.28.59 AMMy therapist yesterday suggested I start practicing therapeutic writing — which is funny, when you think about it. What has this blog been for me over the last 12 (!!) years but a place for me to write therapeutically?  Of course over the last few years, I haven’t been here as much as I’d have like — life gets into the way, and sometimes it’s easier to send out a quick tweet than it is to write a whole post.

And I’m not quite as honest and vulnerable in this space as I used to be. Again, I guess life gets in the way. The older you get, the more hedged you become, and the less willing you are to open yourself up. There’s too much risk in being judged or rejected for what you say.

That said, I still think I reveal more about myself online than many people do. Despite being an introvert, it’s liberating to be able to write down your thoughts and opinions down and then hit ‘publish.’  To a certain extent, I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are.

Anyway, I have a feeling I’ll be publishing more secrets and utilizing this space in the coming weeks. Big life changes ahead.

another wordless day.

So, enjoy some Instagramming?

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When the sad makes you the happy

So my epically melancholy playlist has reached its milestone of making it to a full 24 hours! That’s a whole day worth of sad for your listening pleasure.  Here’s the link to check it out: Can’t stop the signal: an epically sad fucking playlist

It turns out there’s SCIENCE to back my current desire to drown my sorrows in sad tunes.  Recently a study from the University of Berlin found that “music-evoked sadness can be appreciated not only as an aesthetic, abstract reward, but [it] also plays a role in well-being, by providing consolation as well as regulating negative moods and emotions.”

This is why I’m not in the mood for happy happy songs. Just give me some time, and let me wallow in this amazing collection of blue tunes.


begin again

No words today. Here’s a clip instead:

Rebekah’s epically sad playlist

So I’m in a sad place these days. What do sad places call for? A 13 hour playlist of the most depressing songs possible! Thanks to the work of my FB and Twitter friends, I have such a playlist to use as a soundtrack to this current chapter of my life.

A sample of some of the genius songs you’ll find:

  • Walk Away by Ben Harper (this one is sorta perfect)
  • Against all Odds by Phil Collins (for the record, this song started the whole playlist, as a friend posted that this was the “saddest fucking song” she’d ever heard. That gave me the idea for the saddest fucking playlist)
  • Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell (OF COURSE Joni needs to be on here)
  • Multiple songs by Damien Rice, Radiohead, The Smiths, REM, and The Cure (because … well, because they are perfectly melancholy)
  • February by Dar Williams (one of my very favourite sad songs ever)
  • Lots of sappy French pop (including my love Francoise Hardy)
  • Christmastime is Here by Vince Guaraldi Trio (because both Arrested Development & The Royal Tenanbaums deem it ‘sad’)

If you’d like a link to such a playlist, here you go: Can’t stop the signal: an epically sad fucking playlist