This weekend I’ve been slowly working through some articles I’ve found on Mostly, they’ve been about misconceptions and lies that are spread about Paganism. Reading these articles has been interesting, to say the least…I’m trying not to get angry at all the lies I was fed as truth, growing up in the Church. The author of these articles is a man named Kerr Cuhulain. He’s an investigator who’s researched various claims and allegations of “evil acts” committed by various Pagans everywhere — supposed “first hand accounts” and testimonies by various converts. One article I found especially interesting concerned the Christian comedian Mike Warnke, who I’ve actually seen in concert and in several videos. His claims of being a former Satanist are debunked by Cuhulain as he investigates the lies spread as truth…its an interesting read, while a very upsetting one. (

One quote I found interesting concerned the allegation that the peace symbol represents an upside-down cross (of which I’ve heard):

“Warnke next tells Balsiger that he got rid of his peace symbol after he found Jesus. Balsiger remarks:”The peace symbol, even worn by many Christians today, has a very long history. It was used on Hitler’s Nazi death notices and as part of the official inscription on the gravestones of Nazi officers of the SS, the leaders of which, incidentally, were Satanists. During the Middle Ages as well as today, it has been the favourite sign of the Satanists. In Austria and Italy during ancient times, it meant evil and death. It is also known as Nero’s cross, because when Peter was crucified, he asked to be crucified upside down…Nero is said to have granted the request and constructed a cross like the peace symbol. Since that time it has been known as the symbol of the antichrist, and in 70 A. D. it was the signet carried by the Romans who ravished Jerusalem. ”

The difficulty with this account is that the peace symbol only dates back to Easter 1958:It was created by well known author Bertrand Russell, who used it as a symbol in a march for nuclear disarmament that took place in Aldermaston, England. The symbol consists of three elements:The semaphore signal for the letter “N” (nuclear) superimposed over the semaphor signal for the letter “D” (disarmament), surrounded by a circle (representing the concept “total”). Thus the completed symbol was supposed to represent “total nuclear disarmament”.

Neat, eh?

first post

My first post, and tangle with the html monster

What to do when you’re bored at 3:33AM and can’t sleep?

Why, create your very own blog on cyberspace, of course. I’m going to be working on this for the next couple days, inspired mainly by lack of funds and other cool blogs I’ve surfed recently.