Hallowe’en 2014

Happy NaBloPoMo! I’m celebrating it by posting already a day late (hurray for the date-changing powers of blogging).

Here’s Emma’s costume this year for Hallowe’en:




She told me she wanted to be a mummy — I first thought she said “mommy,” which would have been an even easier costume to put together (all she’d have to do is look exhausted and carry around an americano).

Instead, I was the proud mama of a mummy grrrl, which was especially awesome, considering most girls her age were dressed as clichéd princesses. Give me a day of the dead mummy grrrl any day.


Today was the annual Xmas photo shoot

Once a year we head over to a photo studio to get pictures of the little girl taken for the holidays. This year is an especially exciting one, since she’s missing her 2 front teeth!

Each year we’ve gone to get her photos taken, the service at the studio gets progressively worse — this year that tradition continued, and at one point the “photographer” left me to do my own editing on my photos (which, now that I think of it, was probably a good thing).

Anyway, out of the 60 rapid-fire shots that were taken, thankfully there were a couple that will work well for this year.



Next year I swear I’m going somewhere else.

Pixelated memory lane

Tonight after supper Emma, Jerry and I spent a little too long lingering over past videos of Emma growing up. She loves seeing who she was as a little one, and it’s fun for us parents to remember the happy (albeit sleep-deprived) times when she was small enough to tote around. Here are some of the videos we watched tonight —

Killer baby grip (this one STILL cracks me up, years later):

Emma’s first real giggle:

Emma with her first invisible pet, Gracie:

Petulant preschooler:

Here’s one of my very favourites, with Emma and her cousin Oscar:

Emma, singing Madonna (once more, with feeling):

And Emma and Mama, reading Llama, Llama:


(sigh, how did my baby get to be so grown up? That reminds me, I MUST film her with the lisp she’s got going on, due to her front tooth being gone.)


The most wonderful time of the year (already)

Tonight I caved —  waaay before schedule. I let Emma watch Charlie Brown Christmas:

And despite the fact it’s only November 2nd, and despite the fact today was a crappy Saturday of errands and housework and catching-up-on-everything-I-miss-during-the-work-week, it was worth hearing her giggle during the movie.

These days I have a hard time finding gratitude, and tonight, in between clips of Snoopy and handfuls of Hallowe’en candy, I found a glimpse.