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Today was the annual Xmas photo shoot

Once a year we head over to a photo studio to get pictures of the little girl taken for the holidays. This year is an especially exciting one, since she’s missing her 2 front teeth!

Each year we’ve gone to get her photos taken, the service at the studio gets progressively worse — this year that tradition continued, and at one point the “photographer” left me to do my own editing on my photos (which, now that I think of it, was probably a good thing).

Anyway, out of the 60 rapid-fire shots that were taken, thankfully there were a couple that will work well for this year.



Next year I swear I’m going somewhere else.

Another milestone



I just love hearing her talk with that bit of a lisp.  And she still believes in the tooth fairy.

Remind me to hold onto these moments?

Pixelated memory lane

Tonight after supper Emma, Jerry and I spent a little too long lingering over past videos of Emma growing up. She loves seeing who she was as a little one, and it’s fun for us parents to remember the happy (albeit sleep-deprived) times when she was small enough to tote around. Here are some of the videos we watched tonight –

Killer baby grip (this one STILL cracks me up, years later):

Emma’s first real giggle:

Emma with her first invisible pet, Gracie:

Petulant preschooler:

Here’s one of my very favourites, with Emma and her cousin Oscar:

Emma, singing Madonna (once more, with feeling):

And Emma and Mama, reading Llama, Llama:


(sigh, how did my baby get to be so grown up? That reminds me, I MUST film her with the lisp she’s got going on, due to her front tooth being gone.)


The most wonderful time of the year (already)

Tonight I caved —  waaay before schedule. I let Emma watch Charlie Brown Christmas:

And despite the fact it’s only November 2nd, and despite the fact today was a crappy Saturday of errands and housework and catching-up-on-everything-I-miss-during-the-work-week, it was worth hearing her giggle during the movie.

These days I have a hard time finding gratitude, and tonight, in between clips of Snoopy and handfuls of Hallowe’en candy, I found a glimpse.

Happy Easter!


Emma’s first hunt in the snow!

For my daughter:

“…she’s going to learn that this life will hit you hard in the face, wait for you to get back up just so it can kick you in the stomach. But getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.”

Of late, that is one lesson I’ve been reminded of.


What a difference ~5 years makes

148_15004120133_8262_n 14676_10152302206495134_1935861343_n








(p.s. Note that this year’s Santa looks like he’s been a little too into the Christmas spirits, if you know what I mean.)