… 6 months later

well, hello there.

In the last 6 months, I have:

Ran my first half-marathon (13.1 mi/21.5 km)

Graduated with my MEd

Published a paper with my colleagues

Taught 5 courses (4 undergrad + 1 grad)

Moved to a new house

… in addition to mama-ing, gardening, being with friends and loved ones, and overall living my life outside this blog.

I’m hoping to use this space a little more in the coming days, though I’m not sure how transparent I can be — there’s lots of people who tend to troll this space for information to use against me. But — it hasn’t silenced me yet, and I’m not about to let it start! Does anyone other than trolls still check out this page anymore?

I promise I won’t take another 6 months to post. Well, hopefully not. <3

4 thoughts on “… 6 months later”

  1. I love reading when you write. And I’m not a troll. Just an ex hobbit turned into a Goddess

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