Why I’m marching on Saturday

This Saturday women across North America (and around the world) are taking part in the Women’s March on Washington, in response to Donald Trump being elected president. I’ll be a part of the march here in Saskatoon, and I can’t wait.

Flare Magazine did a feature called “Why I’m Marching”: 32 Women on Why The Women’s March,” and the piece’s author contacted me to explain why I’m participating. Here’s what I said:

Today’s the inauguration of Donald Trump, so the days of denial that all this is happening¬†will be over as of 11:28am EST. ¬†To commemorate the occasion, I’m wearing all my Hillary swag to school, and will do my best to avoid using Trump’s words as every example of what NOT to say when communicating.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m marching on Saturday”

  1. You’re obviously not bright enough to see through the Media lies. If you’re interested in women’s issues you should know better than to vote for corrupt Hillary enabler and colluder in sexual abuse.

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