I’m the worst atheist at Christmas

Exhibit A: my many baby Jesus nativities

Exhibit B: I love the music, especially the really religious songs like Handel’s Messiah, Silent Night, and Away in a Manger. I also love the old-school Amy Grant Xmas album (as in, the one from the 80’s)

I also love the Sufjan Stevens Christmas album, which includes my very favourite hymn:

One thought on “I’m the worst atheist at Christmas”

  1. I found myself listening to the local Christian station more this season and a station out of Nashville over the River here in town. It has boiled down to the religious songs. I want to hear them. I grew up with them. My mother was the pianist for my church’s Christmas Eve service because she was the only one that could play along with children. She played them every day as practice and even if she wasn’t practicing. It was my life. There is only so many times I can hear is “All I Want for Christmas Is You” before it loses meaning to me.

    The nativities and the songs are what Christmas is to you. It’s part of it for you. Enjoy it, even if you are an atheist. Even if Jesus was just a person and not the Son of God, we’re celebrating love and hope and birth of a baby and what it means to us in general. If spreading love and hope is wrong, then maybe I don’t want to be right.

    As for the Amy Grant album, “Heirlooms” gets to me. I’ll be seeing her tomorrow night, so let’s hope I don’t breakup like I did 5 years ago when I saw her. She’ll be performing with Michael W. Smith, so I’m hoping I get to see “Love Has Come.”

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