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Here’s our Xmas card for 2016 — you’ll notice there’s two more names than there are people in the picture. These two aren’t yet a part of our family, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about them every day.

I’m not sure if Olivia and Eli ever check this page, but in case they do, here’s a message, just for them: I don’t know you yet, but you should know that you are already in my heart. Your pictures are up, your stockings are hung on the fireplace, and there is a space for you that will always be here. So please, come to us. Meet me for a coffee and cake, and I’ll pay — plus, I promise to just listen. Much love.

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  1. apparently there’s some people out there who want to troll this post, and leave nasty and vile comments. These pathetic thoughts won’t ever show up on this space, and their IP addresses are being recorded and blocked. I’m happy to contact Sasktel and let them know which of their users are abusing their internet services.

    Olivia and Eli, I may not be in a romantic relationship with your dad right now, but I’m still holding space for you. No one will stop me.



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