So the 45th president of my country is this orange racist misogynistic clown.

To say I’m in shock still would be an understatement. I think I’m still processing the idea of having such a hateful buffoon as the figurehead and leader of my home.

Thankfully, social media has been (for the most part) a place where people can come together to express their shock, sorrow, and fears.  Here’s some of what I posted over the last couple days:





This isn’t to say I haven’t encountered my share of gloating Trump supporters. Usually I’m cool with people having different political opinions from mine — but there’s a difference when someone willfully supports/condones the words of a political figure who is known to incite hate.  In this case, I’m not interested in engaging or remaining their social media “friend”. Here’s an example of one of those exchanges:



Honestly, I’m not looking to fight or argue with people about it all. I do, however, feel compelled to not let untruths or abuse go by unnoticed.  I stumbled into a FB thread of an old Bible-college friend of mine, who was bemoaning the “hate speech” directed toward Trump supporters. In his post, he wrote: “You know what irks me more than all of Trump’s bigoted comments over the last several months? All the hate talk I’m seeing directed towards “Trump Supporters”. For real. I’m mad.”

I couldn’t let that go. I wrote:



I gave myself all of yesterday to mope. Today I need to get my life back in gear, and figure out how I can mobilize. Part of me feels guilty for living up here in Canada, because I want to be of use back home.