ask me how I am one month from now

When it comes down to moments like these, sometimes the only way I get through it is to think of where I’ll be in one month from now.

Because, somehow, the amount of work and effort that I’m sure will be required for me to make it to that day, one month from now, seems like it is too much to think about.

For posterity’s sake, here’s a quick to-do list of everything I need to survive until December 4, 2016:

  • write and edit and submit my MEd final project proposal (which is still in its early – nay, nonexistent – stages)
  • mark ~70 midterms
  • revise article on rapport-building I’m co-writing for peer-review
  • mark ~70 assignments on integrating sources
  • finalize my contributions for the group project in the grad course I’m taking
  • mark ~70 5-minute speeches
  • teach teach teach (3 undergrad courses, 1 grad course)
  • sleep. occasionally.
  • plan and present the group presentation for the grad course I’m taking
  • mark ~70 10-page research reports
  • develop materials for a new course to be given in January
  • begin to develop my final MEd project (to be completed by March)

So, yeah. If I’m still here in December, I will count that as a win.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get more reflective about my internal state — which is in enough turmoil to require me to need some physio to get my body back in check.

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