Pixelated memory lane

Tonight after supper Emma, Jerry and I spent a little too long lingering over past videos of Emma growing up. She loves seeing who she was as a little one, and it’s fun for us parents to remember the happy (albeit sleep-deprived) times when she was small enough to tote around. Here are some of the videos we watched tonight —

Killer baby grip (this one STILL cracks me up, years later):

Emma’s first real giggle:

Emma with her first invisible pet, Gracie:

Petulant preschooler:

Here’s one of my very favourites, with Emma and her cousin Oscar:

Emma, singing Madonna (once more, with feeling):

And Emma and Mama, reading Llama, Llama:


(sigh, how did my baby get to be so grown up? That reminds me, I MUST film her with the lisp she’s got going on, due to her front tooth being gone.)


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