Happy Thanksgiving-eve! Even after 10 years, it still feels weird to have Thanksgiving in October. Unfortunately for me, November is the most insane time of the year for the school term, so there will be no free-range turkey in store for me tomorrow.

It’s funny, even though there’s still a Thanksgiving holiday up here, it’s still not quite the same big-of-a-deal as it was for me growing up back home.

It’s true what they say — Thanksgiving is a bigger deal in the States than it is here in Canada. For one, it’s the busiest travel day of the year.  For me, I have memories of “Turkey Day” MST3K marathons, my dad having a stuffing sandwich (yes, a bread-bread sandwich), and lots of family time.

These days my family is spread across the country, so it’s getting harder than ever to celebrate holidays and special occasions. Still, these memories of old are fun ones to recall.

My life has given me many reasons to be thankful — both from the life I had growing up, and the life I have living now.