Random Thursday thoughts

It’s late, I’m tired, so let’s bullet this sucker:

  • Today may have been a non-teaching day for me, but was still full of academic goodness. First, a meeting with a colleague I respect and admire. Later, I attended a talk by a visiting academic who inspired me to be a better teacher facilitator of learning. Even later than that, I was off on a late-night trek to the library to get some books on constructive alignment. Days like these remind me that I LOVE my job. Really!
  • New gadget in my life: Evernote. I’ve only spent about an hour or so playing with it, but I’m officially in love. It’s on my mac, my ipad, and phone.  I’m already using it to gather up materials for my lesson plans for next week. Cool, free tool!
  • Tomorrow night: Metric in Regina. Tuesday night: Leonard Cohen!
  • Latest book distraction: The Testament of Jessie Lamb. A dystopia that was recommended to me by a friend. Also on the floor by my bed: After, an anthology of dystopian/apocalyptic stories (also recommended!). Somehow reading about the end of the world/civilization helps me to put my own disordered life into perspective.
  • Sunday this week at UCS: a Buddhist nun’s talk “The Three Wisdoms” — really looking forward to this.
  • Speaking of which, Jerry has offered to give me, for my birthday, this weekend to go to this Buddhist retreat in January. Should I go? It’s set right after the Christmas season, so I could probably use some self-awareness recouping.
  • My personal trainer is off to Mexico to get married, which means I’m on my own for the next 2 weeks. Now comes the real test of whether or not I keep up my track record with the gym. Thankfully I’m a fan of classes, but I really need to get back on the wagon with my running. Keep me accountable, blogosphere (all 2 of you who read this blog).
  • I’ve had a couple moments of feeling really down this week. One was a personal thing that happened, the other was reading about Savita’s death in Ireland. There’s definitely a blog-post brewing about her unnecessary death in a ‘pro-life’ country, but until then, read Jessica Valenti’s article: Justice for Savita.


2 comments on “Random Thursday thoughts

  1. I love evernote too! It is a super useful app. I deleted three other note apps after I got this one.

  2. Natasha Salaash on said:

    First off, ummm yes you should go on the retreat that your husband is offering up to you!!!!!!!! Why wouldn’t you is the bigger question??? Secondly, I love to read your musings. We REALLY need to do that breakfast. Your mind interests me, and I would love to hear more!

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