Post-election thoughts: Or, what a difference 8 years makes

Last night was a HUGE night for Democrats, and I would argue, a significant night for human rights.  Obama was reelected for another term, which means the infamous ‘Obamacare’ isn’t going away any time soon — so people who are in need of assistance with health care can still count on that (and now that I’m mostly-Canadian, I see access to health care as a human right).

Other big human rights wins from last night:

So, all in all, a good night! That said, I think there are many people back home who aren’t as giddy as I am after watching the President accept another term in office:

So this last half of my post is to whoever is out there in my life who reads my blog, and counts himself or herself as a Romney supporter: I know how you feel — why? Because I felt something similar only 8 years ago.

One thing about having this blog for as long as I have? In some ways, it’s a living record of who I am. Granted, in the last few years since becoming a mama, and working full-time, I haven’t been quite as active one here — but going back into the archives of this blog can be a pretty cool exercise in remembering who I was, years ago.

I dug back into the November archives and found this entry I wrote right after the 2004 presidential election was called for George W. Bush. Here are some excerpts from what I wrote:

Dejected. Deflated. Despondent.


I cannot believe Bush won. Cannot. believe.

I’m terrified.

Not only is he in charge of the Executive branch, but there’s majorities in the House and Senate now. With 3-4 justices retiring within the next term (possibly) — I’m picturing an even more police state than there is now.

[…] UPDATE: Well. Ohio could still be up in the air. Who knows?

Sound familiar?  Replace the odd word or two, and you’ll hear similar murmurings from GOP friends (eh-hem, well, those of them who haven’t unfriended you — I lost a friend last night who didn’t like what I was posting on Facebook, apparently).

Thing is, I know what you’re going through!  I was in just the same place as you are, only 8 years ago.

It’s kind of fascinating, in a way.

Anyway, dear GOP friend (or father) of mine, I hope that you’ll soon get over your feelings of dejectedness. And I mean it, sincerely. I know what it feels like, and it’s just no fun.  Hang in there, and hopefully, with time, we can progress to feeling more like this:

(found via Facebook)


2 thoughts on “Post-election thoughts: Or, what a difference 8 years makes”

  1. The 2004 race was really a kick in the head for America, but it took 4 years before anyone really understood what bad shape the country was in, and by then, they had forgotten why. The quote I remember most clearly from 2004 was ‘a second Bush term would be disastrous…’ and it absolutely was. It still is. The United States is suffering for the results of the 2000 and 2004 elections.

    Republicans who cry now about the deficit or the debt or ‘out of control spending’ were oddly silent on these very same issues when it was Bush not paying for his wars, his tax cut or the prescription drug plan (The latter obviously was a good thing).

    The thing no steadfastly Republican supporter seems to understand is how seriously their team damaged the country. They didn’t just take the car into the ditch, they took it into the river. To pretend that these problems started in January of 2009 is to perpetuate a fantasy that is designed simply to reinforce existing bias.

    The Tea Party is a cancer holding the US back, economically and socially. Any lament or rage experienced due to this loss is akin to a toddler upset their parents won’t let them play with broken glass. Ultimately, they will be better off for it, but by then, they won’t remember.

  2. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE THOSE SIGNS!!!! LET’S GET T-SHIRTS MADE LIKE THESE! (Except not political. Because I’m not wearing a Romney t-shirt.)

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