Random bits for a Monday

My mind is kinda all over the place tonight, so for my NaBloPoMo post tonight, enjoy some random bullets (did you see how I said tonight there twice?):

  • Best thing that happened to me today? A colleague was really impressed with my work, and then told me so. Worst? Due to a crummy bagboy grocery packing job, my brand new $14 jar of almond butter committed suicide in the store parking lot. GRRRR
  • tonight I couldn’t find Emma anywhere — turns out she had snuck into my bed with a book, and was curled up reading. How did she grow up that fast?
  • I’m rewatching ‘The United States of Tara’ on Netflix while I do dishes and other domestic drudgery — I think I could use a spare personality or two, as long as one of them obsessively cleaned my house whenever she took over.
  • The most popular pins I have on Pinterest have to do with the ones I’ve put up about bunions.
  • We still have our Hallowe’en decorations up, and I’m tempted the leave them there until Christmas decoration time.
  • Emma and I are the proud owners of a 3-disc Yo Gabba Gabba set, and I love how she’ll still watch an episode with me. (not looking forward to the day when she no longer thinks they’re cool)
  • Tomorrow during the ‘brain break’ during my grad class, I’m going to show this video by Taylor Mali, What Teachers Make. I’m a little bummed that I’m too chicken to show the original, where the teachers actually flip off the camera. Ah well.
  • Tomorrow morning I have another appointment with my personal rainer, who I’m still mad at for making me get on the scale at my last visit. Boo.
  • Oh, and tomorrow is the election! Let’s just say I’m already prepared for Romney and Ryan to slip into the annals of history as failed candidates.
  • I do kinda want to call my dad tomorrow night if (WHEN?) Virginia goes for Obama, again.
  • If Romney wins tomorrow, I think I may have to cancel classes on Wednesday. But that won’t happen, right?
  • Bedtime.


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