One quick NaBloPoMo post, before I crash into bed.

I’ve spent most of my Sunday drafting up a lesson for my grad course on writing Aims and Outcomes for Learning. Because it’s new material for me to teach, that meant most of my day was spent wrapping my head around what I wanted to talk about.

But as of now, my head has been officially wrapped and I’ve got a 3 page lesson plan, plus a ginormous PowerPoint presentation to show for it (and no, it’s not a big presentation because it’s so text heavy — probably half of my slides are learning activities to get the students engaged with the theory).

Oy, I’m exhausted now though. And it’s funny, since most of my “work” today has been of me sitting with a laptop in my lap, completely stationary. My mind has gone places, though. And hopefully this mental marathon will pay off in a successful lesson on Tuesday afternoon.

One thing I found out today was that there are a lot of educators who have played with Bloom’s Taxonomy in various ways — most notably on YouTube. Here are some of my favorite video examples I’ve come across today:

Oh, and here’s a video on Bloom’s + Star Wars.