Monthly Archives: September 2012

An anniversary of sorts

5 years ago today was the day that Jerry and I announced to our families (and the larger world around us) that we were atheists. Unbeknownst to us, September 30th would be later become International Blasphemy Rights Day. Kinda fitting, don’t you think? This weekend has been a busy one, particularly in terms of the […]

Around here

Emma decided to label our pumpkins (from our garden!) so we’ll know which one is who’s — I love how she spells my name ‘Rebeky’: And, it looks like our little grrrl is much more into math than her mama! Here she is showing off her 100’s activity from her Montessori school: We’ve been reading […]

Today I taught my first graduate-level class…

and it was a great experience! This term I’m helping teach The Philosophy and Practice of University Teaching, and wow, do I love it!  The students are engaged and passionate, and — aren’t afraid to ask tough questions.  While this is indeed *extra* work to my load as a lecturer, I can already see it […]

On the somebodies I used to know

Oh Facebook, you are a strange, addicting creature. It’s funny how such a medium can on one hand inspire a sense of closeness with your (real-life) friends, and then at the same time also make you feel a sort-of faux closeness with people you haven’t seen in years (or people you have yet to meet […]


“First Writing Since (Poem on Crisis of Terror)” by Suheir Hammad there is no poetry in this. there are causes and effects. there are symbols and ideologies. mad conspiracy here, and information we will never know. there is death here, and there are promises of more. there is life here. anyone reading this is breathing, […]