An update on my (unwittingly hilarious) harasser

If you’re quick, you can catch this person’s latest missive against me on this Facebook group, posted under the pseudonym of ‘Adnan Azam.’ Interestingly, despite being specifically addressed, I am blocked from seeing the post and being able to respond to its absurd accusations. And, as with the email linked below, I think the audience are feeling the opposite effect from what this person wanted to achieve. As my dad would say, this person is ‘shooting himself in the foot’ – there’s public humiliation going on here, and it’s not about me. There are clearly some deep-seated issues at work.

This latest attack just goes to show (again) how cowardly this particular person is – thankfully, the Internets are pretty easy to trace these days, especially when you know the right people. It looks like another visit to the police station is in order.

A friend of mine on Twitter the other day quoted some wise words from Tina Fey: ‘conversing with trolls is a one-way ticket to crazy town’. I couldn’t agree more, especially regarding the latest troll in my life.

2 comments on “An update on my (unwittingly hilarious) harasser

  1. Fergus Gallagher on said:

    Not a real troll – haz punctuation ‘n’ stuff.

  2. Rebekah on said:

    Clearly we have different standards for trolls.

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