If you’re quick, you can catch this person’s latest missive against me on this Facebook group, posted under the pseudonym of ‘Adnan Azam.’ Interestingly, despite being specifically addressed, I am blocked from seeing the post and being able to respond to its absurd accusations. And, as with the email linked below, I think the audience are feeling the opposite effect from what this person wanted to achieve. As my dad would say, this person is ‘shooting himself in the foot’ – there’s public humiliation going on here, and it’s not about me. There are clearly some deep-seated issues at work.

This latest attack just goes to show (again) how cowardly this particular person is – thankfully, the Internets are pretty easy to trace these days, especially when you know the right people. It looks like another visit to the police station is in order.

A friend of mine on Twitter the other day quoted some wise words from Tina Fey: ‘conversing with trolls is a one-way ticket to crazy town’. I couldn’t agree more, especially regarding the latest troll in my life.