You know you’re doing something right when …

you anger someone enough that this person sends the following email to hundreds (thousands?) of faculty and staff at the University you’re a part of:

From: John Brown <>
Date: Sunday, June 17, 2012 2:48 AM
To: John Brown <>
Subject: Fwd: U of S Lecturer Rebekah Bennetch Is Misrepresenting Herself by Claiming to be Professor of Professional Communication and Is Making Ignorant Statements to the Media

This complaint against Rebekah Bennetch was sent to faculty and staff in arts and science, faculty and staff in engineering, faculty and staff in the vice presidents’ offices, and staff in the president’s office.  No need to tell Rebekah Bennetch.


I’m a former student instructed by Rebekah Bennetch.  I saw that she has been misrepresenting herself in the media and with the public by claiming to be a “professor of professional communication” at University of Saskatchewan.  I felt morally obligated to bring her misrepresentations to the attention of the University of Saskatchewan, so U of S can take appropriate action against her for her misrepresentations with the media and the public.  This is my one and only email to you about this matter.

Rebekah Bennetch has called herself a “professor of professional communication” on her Twitter account:

I am attaching a copy of this Web page called “Twitter – grrrlmeetsworld RT @ckomnews LISTEN John.mht” in case Rebekah Bennetch deletes this evidence against her after the university administration talks to her.  I am also attaching a screen capture of this Web page as ““Twitter – grrrlmeetsworld RT @ckomnews LISTEN John.jpg” in case she deletes it after the university administration talks to her.

On this interview page, you will see that Rebekah Bennetch had herself listed as a “professor of professional communication”:

I am attaching a copy of this Web page called “John Gormley Live – Rebekah Bennetch, Professor of Professional Communication, University of Saskatchewan – Do you think prayers should be allowed at public events  News Talk 650 CKOM.mht.”

If you look at June 11, 2012 for the show notes below, you will see that Rebekah Bennetch had herself listed as a “professor of professional communication”:

I am attaching a copy of this Web page called “Show Notes  News Talk 650 CKOM.mht.”

If these were mistakes by News Talk 650 CKOM as Rebekah Bennetch might claim, why hasn’t she corrected them?

Instead Rebekah Bennetch has linked to these sites and called herself a “professor of professional communication” too on her Twitter account:

I am attaching copy of this Web page called “Twitter – grrrlmeetsworld RT @ckomnews LISTEN John.mht” in case Rebekah Bennetch deletes this evidence against her.

It isn’t just News Talk 650 CKOM that Rebekah Bennetch told she’s a “professor of professional communication” at University of Saskatchewan.  She told this to Sun News Network too, as can be seen here:

I am attaching a copy of this Web page as “Sun News  Prayer doesn’t belong at municipal events CCLA.mht.”

In the final article, Rebekah Bennetch also displays her extreme ignorance by thinking that making a complaint to a human rights commission is called “legislating.”  As anyone with any basic knowledge at all knows, this is not legislating.  As a staff member of University of Saskatchewan, she makes the university look bad for saying such an extremely ignorant thing.  This isn’t just a slip of the tongue.  She can’t accidentally say “legislating” unless she really believes that making a complaint to a human rights commission is legislating.

And it certainly isn’t a slip of the tongue for Rebekah Bennetch to repeatedly call herself a “professor of professional communication” at University of Saskatchewan to two different media outlets and on her own Twitter account.

I am also attaching a temporary page that News Talk 980 CJME had up in which Rebekah Bennetch also had herself listed as a “professor or professional communication.”  This file is called “John Gormley Live  News Talk 980 CJME.mht.”

In the radio interview, Rebekah Bennetch claims to support the position of the complainant, but says she is against going to a human rights commission.  However, she can come up with no other way to pursue the complaint and no reason not to take it to the human rights commission.  Ha ha ha.  She sounded extremely confused and extremely inarticulate.  She made a fool of herself and the university on provincial radio.

Rebekah Bennetch is a lecturer without a Ph.D. and with a single published research paper according to her biography on the U of S Web site.  Ha ha ha.  Obviously she cannot be a professor.  She is a writing lecturer.  She isn’t claiming to be an assistant professor.  She isn’t even claiming to be an associate professor.  She is claiming to be a professor.  This is absolutely disgraceful and an extremely serious misrepresentation of her professional qualifications.

I heard that Rebekah Bennetch took four years to do her master’s degree and is a prolific blogger.  Can’t University of Saskatchewan find someone with a decent research publication record to be a lecturer there instead of a blogger?

As a former student at U of S, I hate to see an individual like Rebekah Bennetch make the university look bad by severely misrepresenting her professional qualifications and by making extremely ignorant statements to the media like filing a complaint to the human rights commission is legislating.  Because she does not have tenure, I strongly believe that Rebekah Bennetch should be fired from her job.

Best regards,

John Brown

lol — I can see the headlines now: “Rebekah Bennetch FIRED for typos!”  “Rebekah Bennetch FIRED for (mostly) agreeing with someone, but not completely, and then daring to speak her opinion publicly!” (that’s a long headline — though it’s hard to sum up inanity)

I’ve always wanted to make a name for myself in the University — I suppose this will help give me a start.  Hopefully it’ll bring more people awareness to the interview, and the fact that not every one agrees with this particular Human Rights complaint.


p.s. I’ve never taught a John Brown. :)

EDIT: How could I have posted this email without its accompanying video?

3 comments on “You know you’re doing something right when …

  1. John Smith on said:

    This is pathetic. Breathtakingly so, in the lengths taken to document such trivialities. What a fucktard.

    I suppose it really doesn’t occur to “Dr. John Brown” that in loose speech, anyone who works at a university is likely to be called “professor” sometimes. If the university considered this a serious misrepresentation, they would have their hands full. Dr. John makes a great deal of this “misrepresentation of academic qualifications,” apparently not realizing that “professor” is a job title, not an academic qualification at all. That M.A. at the end of one’s name is the qualification, though at that, only in part.

    And is Dr. John misrepresenting himself in claiming to be a former student, while using an obviously generic fake name for himself? If he ever had a relationship to the university, he likely doesn’t have one now, given that letter-bombing the faculty (never mind an inappropriate way to file a complaint) will be regarded by the university as worse than anything he claims Rebekah has done. Does a restraining order cover email too? I wonder.

    He doesn’t even seem to know what he really wants to complain about — misrepresentation? Or lack of basic knowledge? Or not knowing what options besides a human rights complaint might be taken? Or writing a MA too slowly? Does the university even take action against any of these?

    And … say, wait a minute … isn’t this the Dr. John Brown 101 who is in the Pharyngula Dungeon under a couple of pseudonyms for being too much of an asshole? Well, technically, a “troll,” but same difference. Yeah, that’s him! The guy with a weird penchant for threatening a libel suite for every stray remark one might make. Geez, that reminds me of someone in the news lately … but I can’t think who off the top of my head…

  2. Suzy on said:

    Oh man. That was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. Thanks for that video! Too funny. But sorry you’ve got a hater, chick.

  3. Karl on said:

    The main basis of Brown’s claim is that calling yourself “professor” is misrepresentation. You should’ve addressed this contention, but I guess I’ll have to do it for you. 😉 The noun “professor” can be used in a general way to designate someone who “professes” specialized knowledge (i.e. teaches it) in a university or college setting, which covers pretty well any university instructor (although for this sense the verb form is probably archaic). University administrative staff, for example, tell students that they need to get their professor’s signature on this or that form before it can be processed; clearly they are not telling the students that the form can only be processed if the individual is indeed a “full professor” in the sense of academic rank or that a signature from a mere sessional instructor or lecturer, never mind an assistant or associate professor, just won’t do.


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