Today I stood in line for an inordinate amount of time for this picture:

Despite the long line up and the somewhat-scoffs by others for having my daughter pose with an over-sized stuffed bunny, I’m glad I have this picture. This is my little girl — the one who woke up excited to dress up as a goth witch to have her picture with the Easter bunny. The one who didn’t care how she turned heads by her outfit, the one who boldly walked through the Lawson Heights mall and ignored all the disapproving looks at her attire. I love her SO much, and I love that she’s able to teach me such lessons, even when she’s only  5 years old.

In light of the religious implications today, I’m also reminded of this segment from Julia Sweeney’s ‘Letting Go of God,” where she talks about atonement and suffering:

Happy Good Friday, every one.