Today’s Stuff Christian Culture Likes is #141 Teaching small children about the crucifixion.  It reminded me of a post I wrote back in 2009, about that very thing — Ye Olde Rugged Cross.  I feel the same way, three years later.  Now that Emma’s getting older, I suppose it’s time to share with her the various religious stories that go along with this time of the year. Needless to say, we won’t be coloring any pictures of crucifixions any time soon.

Here’s an interesting video I’ve been mulling over the last couple days: Why Does Atheism Need Myths?

The alternate title Dave has for his video is “Why Atheism Has More To Offer Than Logical Consistency.”  I think he really nails it in the video — so much of what he talks about is something I’ve experienced in the atheist community.

I was really involved in an atheist group here in Saskatoon, but I found something was missing in its focus so much on the rational and logic.  I needed some humanity, more feeling, more recognition of the messiness of being human.  While I know there are important places in life for logic and science and being rational, I think being a human being encompasses emotion, and celebration, and even ritual.

Which is probably the main reason why I’ve been going to the Unitarian Centre of Saskatoon for the last year or so — I think I was hoping to find the missing humanistic elements here. And while I really love the friendships I’ve made and the religious education program Emma’s a part of — it still feels LIKE CHURCH.  And I’m not a fan of church — whether it’s the politics and drama behind the scenes, or the inflexible liturgy, the result is that I’m starting to lose interest.  Oh, and then there’s the need to focus on guilting you to give money, too. Not a fan.  But, I’ll stick around, if only for Emma and what she’s experiencing in the RE community.

The other religious news this week is that I’ve been asked to participate in a “Talking about Jesus” conversation over on a Facebook page. I’ll be the atheist (of course), who’ll be in conversation with a believer. The topic will probably be about the notion of justice and Jesus — though I’m hoping to talk some about Jesus Christ Superstar, if given the chance. 🙂

EDIT: Ha! Just heard from the admin for the Jesusy page, and we will be talking JC Superstar. We’ll be discussing that, plus the different ways Jesus is portrayed in media. THIS WILL BE FUN, and a welcome distraction from the marking of papers that I’m currently buried under.