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April 2012


this video is case. in. point:   I’m not all classy, so that should count for something, right?  I love my kid, and yes, I have a career. Judge away.    

And the seasons they go round and round

If I’m not careful, I’m going to become a mommy blogger. Today I had a combination of highs and lows. I’ll share my HIGH — I’m confirmed as the co-teacher of a grad class for next year! I’ll be helping… Continue Reading →

my zen 5 year old

Isn’t there a Buddhist koan that talks about your child being your greatest teacher?

MORMONS! Our next prez?

(I think I have an especial soft spot for this reporter after the Scientology docs he did)

grrrl meets Eve the deceived

Recently I got an email from a concerned believer, regarding the interview I gave last summer on the Unbelievable? UK Christian radio program.  Periodically I’ll get an email response from someone who’s heard the show — usually such emails consist… Continue Reading →

A good Friday.

Today I stood in line for an inordinate amount of time for this picture: Despite the long line up and the somewhat-scoffs by others for having my daughter pose with an over-sized stuffed bunny, I’m glad I have this picture…. Continue Reading →

Holy week musings

Today’s Stuff Christian Culture Likes is #141 Teaching small children about the crucifixion.  It reminded me of a post I wrote back in 2009, about that very thing — Ye Olde Rugged Cross.  I feel the same way, three years… Continue Reading →

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