So, it’s March.

I’m nearing the end of a pretty wicked cold, only to find myself in the thick of things. My Google Calendar is starting to look intimidating! Here are just a few things that are on my radar this month:

  • Tonight: my first meeting for the committee of the Varsity View Bishop Murray Community Garden. This will be my third year gardening, and I’m happy to now serve on the committee! Hopefully this committee work will make me feel that much closer to gardening — an activity I miss way too much in the wintry months.
  • Speaking of gardening, this Saturday is the annual Seedy Saturday event.  There’s a workshop on home composting that I’m hoping to get to.
  • In addition to Seedy Saturday, this Saturday is also the big indoor garage sale at Market Mall, and also that evening there’s an NDP fundraiser event that Emma and I are going to: the 13th Annual Celtic Celli. (plus I’m carpooling to dance in the morning and picking up a friend from the airport that afternoon — I’m already exhausted)
  • Next Friday night will be my last indoor soccer game for Vandelay Industries.

Out(side) Spirituality for Secular Humanists: For many in the LGBT community, personal rejection by the religious community has turned people off from the church and faith practices. If being religious isn’t for you, where do you go to find support for life’s difficulties? If you’re not a member of a congregation somewhere, who can you turn to help you commemorate or celebrate life’s milestones? This breakout session will brainstorm and talk about options for the nonreligious.

  • On the last 2 Sundays of the month, I’ll be teaching RE at the Unitarian Centre (go to the website and find my wrist, and the back of Emma’s head)
  • Saturday, March 24th is TEDxUofS — AND I HAVE A TICKET (it’s sold out).


So, yeah, if I’m not blogging much, it’s probably because I’m busy. But, thanks to the prevalence of social media, you can keep track of me on Facebook and Twitter and now Pinterest.

EDIT: I forgot that I’m also planning on participating in the “40 Days for Choice” counter-protest to the Catholic Diocese “40 Days for Life.”