Over the last few months I’ve had an epiphany when it come to human relationships — some friendships just aren’t meant to last.

Second epiphany I’ve had: the older I become, the more I’m amazed that some of the most meaningful lessons in life are the ones that are the most simply stated.

For a long time, I thought friendships were something that were static. You became friends, you remained friends, the end. But now I see friendship in such a different light. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to take a more ‘zen-like’ approach, but I’m trying, more and more, to see friendships in the light of the present. No expectations, no disappointments — just … now.

And the more I look around me, the more I see these types of meaningful friendships popping up in my life!  From people I met by accident, to people who inspire me — I’m surrounded by these strangers, turned friends.

Today I had a quick coffee with someone at the University who’s really inspired me.  These days I feel more alive than ever in my career, and I blame this particular friend for quite a bit of this newfound passion of mine.  There are other friendships I’ve stumbled upon who have also filled big voids in my life (and heart), and these are people who I’ve only known for months — but it feels like we’ve been friends for so much longer.

One thing I’ve always personally struggled with is the burden of holding too high of expectations when it comes to relationships — for others, and for myself.  These last few months have really taken that struggle and have put some sunlight on it.  These expectations are just unnecessary burdens to carry.

While I’ll always have a few long-running friendships (and you know who you are, these friends of mine who connect with me, despite distance and time) — more and more, I’m learning to appreciate these accidental connections in my life.

So thanks, those of you, who make me smile, think, and be a better person. Even if it’s only for a little while.