Monthly Archives: December 2011

Happy Solstice!

My exam for 2 of my classes was only yesterday — so I’ll be busy marking right up to the big day! Hopefully I’ll be able to catch my breath long enough to write something substantial. Until then, ttfn.

Here’s to Hitch

Socratic Mama reminded me of Hitchens’ closing words in his debate with William Dembski. In light of Hitch’s recent passing, these are words worth remembering: I want to answer Bill’s (Dembski) implied question… Why don’t you accept this wonderful offer (of eternal life in heaven) ? Why wouldn’t you like to meet Shakespeare, for example? […]

Merry merry

Happy Christmas/Saturnalia/Chalica/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/etc

My favorite holiday song for the season — Tim Minchin’s ‘White Wine in the Sun’: It’s the kind of song that makes me giggle and get weepy, all at once.  The song has got just a touch of heresy, and more than a touch of sentimentality (in that good kind of way). I particularly like […]