Monthly Archives: September 2011

Happy Blasphemy Rights Day!

Today is the 6th anniversary of the infamous Danish Muhammad cartoons, an event that inspired violence and death — and why? Because of the questioning of a religion.  No idea or ideology should be off-limits.  The Center for Inquiry initially started Blasphemy Rights Day, and according to their website: The purpose of this event is […]

This book had me at hello

It’s here! Higher Ground: A Memoir of Salvation Found and Lost is finally in my hot little hands. Too bad I’m so exhausted from my last week that I’m too tired tonight to dive right in. So far all I’ve had time to read have been the dedication page (“To my loving mother, who stands […]

another song on the life soundtrack:

Edit:  This song too — I got tingles:

In which I respond to my critics

Of my past podcast interview on the Unbelievable? show: Hi Justin, Thanks for fixing the link to the feedback section of last week’s show. I listened with great interest to the emails you read. Unfortunately, I wasn’t all that surprised at the many negative reactions to my out-of-the-faith testimony. Usually when someone accuses me of […]

Higher ground

There’s a new film coming out that looks very interesting — Ebert describes Higher Ground as “the life story of a woman who grows into, and out of, Christianity.”  Here’s the trailer: The movie is based on the memoir This Dark World by Carolyn S. Briggs, who also wrote the screenplay.  I found this 2002 […]