Let’s go fly a kite

Emma’s new favorite songs to sing are from Mary Poppins (which I love *so much* more than the princess collections) — what’s funny is that she usually only sings one line, over and over again. So for the closing song, she just sings, over and over again, “Let’s go fly a kite! Let’s go fly a kite!”

So today we went out and flew a kite.

3 thoughts on “Let’s go fly a kite”

  1. What an incredibly beautiful photo, Rebekah. Did you take this shot? Beautiful composition and subtle colours. I’m a photo nut!

    Looking forward to our chat this week. Talk soon.


  2. We so have to get together soon. My little one is crazy about the music from Mary Poppins right now, although she also likes Bed Knobs and Broomsticks because she wants to see the bed fly.

  3. Love this! Oz thought it was cool, too. He said “Want to play butterflies with Emmalee!” We really miss you guys! xoxox-Suz

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