my kind of princess

Today we picked up a book I ordered a few weeks ago for Emma: Not all Princesses Dress in Pink. (perfect timing, no? especially after my recent “pretty” rant)

I’m happily surprised with how much fun this book was to read to Em.  Here’s a cute little excerpt of the book, regarding princesses who work with power tools:

There’s another set of lines that read:

Some princesses roll around,
wrestling on the muddy ground,
then get right up to skip and dance
in tattered, stained and muddy pants,
and a sparkly crown.

Now these are princesses that I can dig.  There’s even a page that talks about a princess putting aside her fancy shoes for shingards and cleats!  If you’re a little overwhelmed by all the “happily ever after” tales on your daughter’s shelf, I’d wholeheartedly recommend this book to counterbalance the ominous Sleeping Beauty effect.

That said, I think I may have a new tact to try whenever Emma wants to watch/read princess crap stories.  Rather than dwelling on the beauty of Cinderella or the naiveté of Snow White, I want to emphasize the other, more compelling qualities of the princess characters.  So I can point out how Cinderella is kind to animals, and is able to find contentment, whether she’s in rags or riches. Snow White is giving and unselfish.  Ariel is independent.  Belle loves to read, and learn about the world around her.

Here’s hoping that by focusing on these other attributes of the princesses, I can more happily survive this particular preschool stage.

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