paging wife #2?

oh, help.

I’m hooked on TLC’s Sister Wives, if only because my partner looks like the hubby (and maybe I’m envious of the extra sister-wife help!)

For the record, I’m totally open to another wife — as long as you’re willing to do housework and put up with a snoring partner.  Contact me for more details on how we can make this work!

8 comments on “paging wife #2?

  1. OH. MY. I mean we’ve talked about it and I knew he looked like Kody. But still. WOW.

  2. Told ya. FREAKY.

  3. I am totally watching it RIGHT. NOW. lol

  4. I love you, another Becky. <3 (if only because you hated that Greys as much as I did!)

  5. Jesse Katzman on said:


  6. Hello Rebekah

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed my post at Canadian Atheist. The post above and your comment, “I’m totally open to another wife,” inspired me to send you this:

  7. Meh. Jerry’s better looking, Becky. : )

  8. Cheyne on said:

    your’s is cuter.

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