“The New Tithe”

The winning video of the 2011 Project Reason contest:

The church I grew up in is now a megachurch. Yep.

One comment on ““The New Tithe”

  1. Interesting video. Reminds me of the last time I drove by that huge church off Little Neck Rd back in January. It was a Saturday night and they had a service out there. The police had officers out there directing traffic out of the parking lot, and we got caught in it for a bit. It makes me wonder what kind of spiritual guidance and personal connection one does get from a mega-church. And then I heard about the coffee shop inside the church and it had me rolling my eyes. Why is a church selling coffee?

    And here in Atlanta, I have gotten caught in the traffic of mega-churches here. And every time, I’m left to wonder about them. Are they McChurches?

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