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February 2011

What he sang:

Christian Life Ben Folds Everyone sells stuff they don’t believe in Movie actors do it all the time Guys with cases full of useless health drinks In politics they quote statistics full of lies Bill can see he’s not the… Continue Reading →

practically pro-life

One of the most effective ways to describe why I support a woman’s reproductive choice is to show what being “pro-life” looks like, when its principles are practically applied. It’s one thing to cite the emotionally-evocative platitude of “life begins… Continue Reading →

realization: size doesn’t matter

[oh I can only imagine the spammy comments that title will generate] Tonight I met with a reading group for the Saskatoon Secular Family Network that I help facilitate.  There were only 6 of us (2 of them being under… Continue Reading →

Darwin Day is tomorrow!

Which means I’m frantically getting things ready, tonight. Back tomorrow with pictures on how our event goes.  Here’s something to tide you over until then:

Ooops, I did it again…

…stirred up a little bit o’controversy, that is.  I started another Meetup group (yes, Jerry, this will be my last!). My latest foray into the atheist activist’osphere is a group I call “Reasonable Women.”  Here’s how the Meetup description reads:… Continue Reading →

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