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4 trips around the sun

Well, since my birthday is tomorrow, I figure I better put up something about my little one’s birthday, now two weeks past. Here are some videos of her special birthday circle at school, and her princess party: When I’m not hopped up on cold medication, I’ll be back to describe the joys of being a […]

on personal experience

You know, there’s one question that I wish I could have asked Craig — but first, some background: One of Craig’s 5 or 6 arguments for God’s existence is the “personal experience” of God that a believer has.  In fancy theologian talk, he calls this the “self-authenticating power of the Holy Spirit” — ie., the […]

grrrl meets apologist

me & William Lane Craig Earlier this week I attended a Campus Crusade for Christ sponsored debate, “Does God Exist?” — featuring rock-star apologist William Lane Craig and fellow Saskatoon atheist George Williamson.  It was a rematch of an earlier debate they did in 2007 (YouTube). In case you didn’t know this about me, I […]

of old friendships and even older movies

Last night I watched Sunset Blvd for the first time with one of my favorite people in Saskatoon, my gay boyfriend Todd.  Todd is one of my longest, dearest friends in the city, and we spent the evening reveling in over-the-top drama queen action (and that was even before we turned on the movie, haha). […]

What she said:

O, I believe Fate smiled and Destiny laughed as she came to my cradle Know this child will be able Laughed as she came to my mother Know this child will not suffer Laughed as my body she lifted Know this child will be gifted With love, with patience and with faith She’ll make her […]

[is this thing on?]

Time to hop back on ye ol’ blogging wagon again — I really do miss this space.  Back in my blogging heyday, was a place for me to really process how I felt about personal, political, and religious issues. Today, between my Twitter feed and FB postings, I’m finding myself too diversified in my […]

I really miss blogging. Anyone still out there?