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November 2010

alas, poor blog.

I haven’t forgotten about this space, I promise. Been BUSY. Check out my Twitter feed for bite-sized posts, and I’ll be back soon. Promise.

What he said:

Read for pleasure. Read junk. Read every kind of book. But read for pleasure. The reason the Puritans wanted to stamp out poetry was because it gave pleasure. It’s about things you love, things that you care about. Sir Philip… Continue Reading →

What he said:

(oh, smack — Sulu just called you a douche! And rightfully so.)

Failing the midterms

So last night was a bit of a bomb for the Democratic party (and, I’d argue, the well-being of the entire country).   The GOP (read: Tea Party Party) took over control of the House of Representatives, though thankfully didn’t take… Continue Reading →

Of current and past Hallowe’ens…

2007: “Bee Girl” from the Blind Melon video 2008: Raggedy Emmalee Anne 2009: Queen of the Wild Things from Where the Wild Things Are 2010: Cowgrrrl (inspired by Jessie from Toy Story 2 & 3) 2007: Utterly-exhausted mama 2008: Semi-exhausted… Continue Reading →

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