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October 2010

What she said:

You are there. You have always been there. Even when you thought you were climbing you had already arrived. Even when you were breathing hard, you were at rest. Even then it was clear you were there. Not in our… Continue Reading →

I need to be happier.

Full disclosure: I think that the “terrible twos” are off by a year. The last few weeks have been rough here in the Bennetch household.  Maybe it’s due to all the transitions — Emma going to school half-days and suddenly… Continue Reading →

Home-grown religiously-inspired terrorists (and their enablers)

Oh how easy it is for those of us in North America to think that terrorism is only bred in countries overseas.  Tonight I watched The Assassination of Dr. Tiller, and I’m just sick about what happened to this heroic… Continue Reading →

What he said:

Theology is also awesomely sophisticated and complex, and I think it’s an indicator of the intelligence of the men (mostly) behind it that they have erected such a fantastically intricate collection of rationalizations for such deeply absurd ideas. PZ Myers… Continue Reading →


I can’t say I’m looking forward to watching this documentary next week, but I think Dr. Tiller’s story is one that is worth bearing witness. You should watch, too.

What he said:

I think the atheist dickhead phenomenon is about at this level of discussion right now. It’s no longer about God, it’s about “others.” It’s about the purity of your unbelief, measured not against any philosophical standard or line of argument… Continue Reading →

Enough of the Hitler referencing.

Oy, if I hear someone else break out ye ol reductio ad Hitlerum argument one more time, I’m going to scream.  An old Mediaite post reminded me of this soundbite from Robert Gibbs (who I still haven’t forgiven for the… Continue Reading →

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