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July 2010

Note to self:


I grew this

Thank you, that is all.

What she said:

I’ve been following the whole mess that is the Shirley Sherrod resignation/firing over her NAACP speech, and there’s definitely a post in there about the importance of context and good will.  Needless to say, it’s been entertaining to watch the… Continue Reading →

Fight for the right to blaspheme

“These ideas offended, but they changed the world. Without the free exchange of ideas, progress is impossible.” CFI’s Campaign for Free Expression.

Alas, poor blog.

I’m sorry that this space has been pretty barren over the last few weeks.   My excuses, in bullet form: Twitter and Facebook make it super easy for me to post quickie links of stories that I used to blog about… Continue Reading →

Why I like to argue

(and it’s not just because I’m disagreeable) I’m very vocal in my affection for Rachel Maddow.  I love how impassioned she’s been in covering the BP oil spill, I love how she’s social-justice minded, and I love how she doesn’t… Continue Reading →

Four years’ worth of Canada Days!

Where’d my baby go?

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