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June 2010


It’s hard to be 3. (and even harder when your mama records moments like these for all posterity)

because Libertarians have no sense of humor


Headline of the week:


What he said: on “emotional intelligence” and leadership

Tonight I listened to the latest Chariots of Iron podcast, and there was an interview with author Darrel Ray (author of The God Virus).   Dr. Ray has helped start many “Recovering Religionists” groups across North America, and I’ve been in… Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day!

Today’s the centennial of the holiday — Emma bought Daddy the Underworld movies (because nothing says LOVE like giving dad movies of a hot fighter chick in a leather outfit). EDIT: Emma picked out the Bart Simpson DQ cake for… Continue Reading →

BP Demotivator Posters

More posters here. via p.s. How about that Presidential address the other night?!  Did anyone else cringe at all the appeals to God at the end?  Here’s what it should have sounded like:

“I’m Comic Sans, and I’m the best thing to happen to typography since Johannes fucking Gutenberg.”

So funny.  Read the whole monologue here.

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