Today Jerry and I participated in the local Freethinkers’ group blood drive, as a part of the international day of reason, a day meant to respond to the US government-mandated National Day of Prayer (which was recently found to be unconstitutional).

From the Saskatoon Freethinkers website:

The National Day of Reason is used to inject reason and rational thought into actions and behaviors. It was started as a response to the National Day of Prayer in the US. Rather than praying (which has been shown to have no effect in all properly designed studies i.e. double blind placebo studies), we will do something that has a measurably positive effect: saving lives.

Emma was visibly concerned that Jerry and I came home with “boo-boos”, so she put a sticker on her forearm, so she could “match” mama and daddy:

Day of Reason celebration

I guess it’s up to you to determine which is more helpful for humanity: praying or donating blood?  I’m always up for hearing a case for the former, though I’m yet to be persuaded.