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Pragmatically pro-life

In an article “Libertarians Realizing Rand Paul Is Not One of Them“, there was an interesting section on Paul’s extreme anti-abortion views.  The quotes from the article are originally found in this article by Jacob Sullum.  Rand Paul supports “any and all legislation that would end abortion or lead us in the direction of […]

My kind of church

I spent my Sunday morning, in my pajamas, watching this debate: (part 1 of 11) Is There Meaning in Evil and Suffering? Description: A panel discussion and debate on the meaning of evil and suffering from theists Dr. William Lane Craig and Ravi Zacharias, atheist Dr. Bernard Leikind (a plasma physicist and senior editor of […]

What he said:

Science isn’t everything. We don’t use science to appreciate a piece of art (although, fundamentally, it is a material object and our brains are similarly natural); we don’t break out beakers and bunsen burners to determine if we’ve fallen in love; calculators have limited utility in writing poetry. That’s fine, but it doesn’t mean that […]

What this poem said:

I woke up to an empty room No more angels watching over me. No more demons to be held at bay by the invocation of an Anglicized version of a Hellenized version of a Hebrew name I woke up to an empty room: Just a room. Four walls, ceiling, floor. Just a room. Nothing more. […]

The “he” is always lowercase.

“Atheists Don’t Have No Songs” by Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers

What he said:

re: “Poverty and the Pill” by Nicholas Kristof America’s widely respected Guttmacher Institute, which conducts research on reproductive health, says that 215 million women around the world are sexually active and don’t want to become pregnant — but are not using modern forms of contraception. Making contraception available to all these women worldwide would cost […]

Because nothing is sacred.

Happy first annual Everybody Draw Muhammad Day! We don’t need to be perfectly consistent philosophically or historically or theologically to assert what is special and unique not just about the United States, with its bizarre and wonderful articulation of the First Amendment, but the greater classical liberal project comprising not just the “West” (whatever that is) […]