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awe, naturally.

‘A New Kind of Christianity’ stirs up the same ol’ same ol’ Christianity

So, Brian McLaren has a new book out on the shelves: A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith — and boy, is it ever causing waves in the religious blogosphere. Now normally I wouldn’t care so much about this kind of thing — because, well, I left the “emerging church” […]

Happy Lint

What a difference a year makes…

Yeah yeah, I’ve done 2 kid posts in 24 hours — but lately when I look at Emma, I’m just stunned at my big little girl.


All weekend long, I haven’t been able to get KD Lang’s cover out of my head — watch and see why: I was quite proud of the show Canada put on for the Opening Ceremonies — well, until the malfunctioning lighting-of-the-torch bit!

little ms. valentine’s

little ms. valentine’s, originally uploaded by becky b.. Such a big little girl.

Happy V-D

Thankfully the biggest question I’m facing this weekend whether it’ll be Pride & Prejudice (Colin Firth version!) or a Cary Grant-a-thon. (there will be no consumption of any Nicholas Sparks books or movies in this household, rest assured) This weekend find someone you love and let them know it, preferably in a non-commercialized way. Happy […]