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Putting your money where your dogma is

Chris Matthews takes on a self-righteous Catholic bishop about the consistency of his pro-life position: I love this debate — it’s the tack that I like to take the most when discussing reproductive issues. For me, it’s not about persuading someone to accept the reality of having legally accessible abortions — it’s more about showing […]

The season begins

O Christmas tree, originally uploaded by becky b.. (and yes, I’ve already started up the music and cinnamon candles and Charlie Brown Christmas viewings. Tree goes up this weekend!) Thanks to SkylarKD for the crafty idea!

What he said:

Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 1986William S. Burroughs For John DillingerIn hope he is still alive Thanks for the wild turkey and the Passenger Pigeons, destined to be shit out through wholesome American gutsthanks for a Continent to despoil and poisonthanks for Indians to provide a modicum of challenge and dangerthanks for vast herds of bison […]

No pot or pan in my house is safe

Tonight I was 2 rows away from this: I’ll never look at brooms the same way, either. Can’t wait til Emma’s old enough for me to take her to this show!

Not so sparkly vampires

I maintain: The Twilight series is dangerous. Not because Bella is a brainless, empty, shell of a female character. I don’t have a problem with weak women in the movies. What bothers me is that this tripe is being sold not just as normal but as DESIRABLE. As something that women should aspire to. Young […]

I get (even more) email

I got a response to the response I sent to the lady’s response to my response to her letter to the Star Phoenix. Follow that? I’m posting a few segments of what I wrote to my friend, because I think it does a fairly good job of clarifying where I’m at in terms of my […]

I get email

So the lady who’s letter I responded to in the Star Phoenix tracked me down and sent me the following email: Hi Rebekah, I noticed that you answered my letter in the Star Phoenix and I would like to comment on your answer. I don’t think the Star Phoenix would publish two of my letters […]